It all started in Slovenia ...

A few years back on a fishing holiday in Slovenia we ran into the problem of not having enough of the flies that were catching. Limited to just a few of each, it was a case of once waterlogged - remove, dry and replace with another. We used conventional fly patches as we were traveling light. But what I imagine has been the case for so many of you, happened to us, we began losing flies from the patches (especially when using barbless flies). This bought with it all types of problems as our few 'catchers’ were now less.

Later that evening whilst sat reliving the days ups and downs we started throwing ideas at one another of how we could store flies (and especially barbless flies) in a better fashion. From there the journey has never ended. Along the way Magnet-ique was born with the intention of offering UK made products straight from the heart of two fisherman. Innovative, un-ique and problem solving products with the use of magnets is what we do.

After countless design itterations we came up with the final MagMini design - looks like a link from a bike chain! The next step was to get it into production. We have used a local company in North Yorkshire to produce the tooling - and a fantastic job they have made of it too. The workmanship is outstanding, which in turn shows in the finished product.

And so onto the production side - a steep learning curve for both of us! We thought it was important that the look, and especially the feel, of the product was really important. We ended up with a product that you just can't put down - it feels that good!

We also thought that to get the best possible product it was important to get it tested thoroughly, that's why we enlisted a number of very experienced fly anglers to peer review the product. We asked them for their thoughts on improvements and usability - you can see their thoughts here. After the extensive testing phase we were finally ready to release it to the masses and here it is:

This is just the first in a line of products we have designed. Keep an eye on our website (or joining our mailing list) for further updates as new products become available.