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Lindsay Simpson does a quick review of the new MagMicro:

Our friends at Midcurrent recently featured our MagMini in their "unboxing" series of videos:

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Magnetique at the British Fly Fair 2020 - Launching the MagMicro:

AP Fly Tying - Video Review

We were recently featured in a blog by Aardvark McLeod:

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We were recently featured in Today's Flyfisher magazine:

Here's what people are saying about the MagMini:

"The new MagMini an ingenious new product to make the fly anglers time on the water a lot more easier. The MagMini with its strong magnets can hold a number of your fly patterns in readiness for that all important quick fly change. Use the Carabiner Snap hook to lock onto your waistcoat or pack. Even utilise the strength of the magnets and attach the MagMini to the front of your waders for easier fly accessibility. Simplicity in miniature and a must have for all fly anglers."


"An ingenious gadget, makes fishing so much simpler. I never lose flies anymore and making those quick fly changes is even quicker leaving me more time to fish. I just pop the flies I’m likely to use for the session onto the MagMini and attach the MagMini to my bag, I’ve even used it on my cap! The flies dry out nicely through the day and at the end of the session I just pop the flies back in my fly box."


"I love a multi purpose gadget. Swiss Army penknives, Leathermans, perfect. The MagMini fits this category. When I'm on the water I can use the magnet or carabiner to attach it to my waders or vest. It holds onto the other flies whilst I'm tying on droppers and lets flies dry out before they go back in the fly box. When I'm tying flies or making up leaders the cup shape stops beads or tippet rings disappearing and the magnet keeps it in place and hooks under control. Very, very handy!"


"When fishing on some of the overgrown, wild rivers, which the Midlands has to offer, keeping a low profile is the key to success. The MagMini gives me that extra pair of hands, when it comes to changing flies and tippets, allowing me to keep that much needed low profile on the bank when catching those spooky fish"


"Having used a Lambs wool patch, Simms Ripple patch and more recently a Venyards magnetic patch and still losing flies. Thank god for the MagMini, absolutely brilliant, it's strong magnets hold my flies safely, even heavy tungsten nymphs. Great job guys, you've saved me pounds."

Peter Davies


"Despite some early doubts about the open nature of the MagMini I've found it to be very effective, saving me the loss of quite a few flies from my usual (hook it in the cloth inside my chest pack) method. Simple & effective!!!!!!"

David Southall

Some independent reviews of the MagMini:

"What I love most about the MagMini stealth is how versatile they are. You can customise the lay out to suit you, to suit how you feel. On long, lazy fishing trips I’ll keep the whole thing together dangling from the carabiner and load up the days flies into the trays – saving me the constant digging around for fly boxes. However, if I’m on a serious stealth mission on a claustrophobic stream I can take the whole thing apart. Here I like to use a singular MagMini tray and trap it with the hub tightly in-between the webbing of my sling, no time for unwanted jingling or dangling here."

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Thoughts of a Fisherman, 2020


"I had very little time while the show was on but made a point of popping over to the Magnet-ique stand where I met Darrell Upton the co-founder of the company. We got to chatting and I was very impressed that he had designed the branding and brought the product to market. Interestingly this was not supposed to be the item that they were going to launch with, so other products maybe on the horizon!"

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iFlyFish, 2019


"Designed by two UK fly fishers who were fed up with having their barbless flies fall out of their regular fly patches. They designed, developed and produced the MagMini in North Yorkshire and launched it at this year's British Fly Fair International in Staffordshire."

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Fly & Lure, 2019