See Our Products In Action


Introducing the MagMini

Heres a quick explainer video show all of the different uses for the MagMini. This shows the versatility of the MagMini and how strong the magnets are - don't lose any of your barbless flies again!


Assembling your MagMini

It's pretty straight forward, but here's a quick explainer video on how to assemble your MagMini.


MagMini - The Day Box

The MagMini makes ideal storage for your flies for a day on the water. Each MagMini can hold up to 50 flies (both dries and nymphs) on each side. Just attach the flies before you head out and never have to open your fly box again for the day.


 MagMini - A Helping Hand

Use the MagMini (or Micro) as an extra pair of hands when changing dropper flies etc.


The Drop Test

This gives you an idea of how stront the magnets are embedded within the MagMini. Drop one that's full of flies (dries & nymphs) and they will not fall off!


 Don't Try This At Home

To give you a good idea how strong the magnets are on all out products, we decided to do a bit of tight-line nymphing with the MagMini. All taken in a single shot with no editing, you can see that all the flies are still attached once retrieved. Don't try this one at home!



We do hope that these videos help you in understanding what our products are. If you have any further questions or want to get in touch with us for any reason, please email us on, we'd love to hear from you.