MagMini Single & Double

The 'revised' MagMini Single & Double

This is a new and improved version for 2021 - What's new I hear you ask, as it looks exactly the same! All the work has been done under the skin (literally):

  • The magnets are now fully enclosed, there's no way any magnet is coming loose. Which was an issue in previous versions over time.
  • The magnets are now 40% bigger, whilst keeping the overall size of the MagMini the same.
  • Bigger magnets mean more pulling power, holding your flies even tighter.

The quick and easy way to add a ‘hot spot’. It’s the best way to store and dry your flies whilst on the water - flies stick securely to the MagMini - It can be attached to your Clothing, Hat, Vest, Pack or Waders. We have made sure that each component of the MagMini is made to the highest standards, using the best quality materials.

Being unique in the fly fishing world, we have fully protected and registered our design rights: #6058914.