How to Use Your MagMini

Here's some ideas on how to use your MagMini:

When On The Water:

Introducing the MagMini:

The MagMini is designed to store your flies securely when out on the water. It also makes a great place to hold your droppers when changing flies.

MagMini Trailer from Magnet-ique.

MagMini - Keeping Your Flies Secure:

The MagMini even keeps you flies safe when dropped. Take a look at the video below to show just how secure your flies are when using the MagMini!

MagMini - Keeping Your Flies Secure from Magnet-ique.


MagMini - A Helping Hand:

It's always nice to have a helping hand when on the water. Use your MagMini to hold flies whilst you tie your droppers - no more tangles.

MagMini - Quick Access to Flies:

Great for quick access to the right flies at the right time. Use your MagMini as a small 'Day Box', just add the flies you will need to it for the day. Great for the competition angler.

Assembling your MagMini:

Assembling your MagMini is pretty straight forward, just remember to slide the Mini's onto the MagHub. For a stronger attachment make sure the logos are aligned opposite each other.